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wine tasting

Karika has a solution. Pedal with us through Vodice and spend afternoon in wine cellar on pleasant 22 degrees. Taste authentic flavors of Vodice in Vinarija Birin. Don’t forget to bring your friends, we have enough glasses and bikes for everybody.

But it was a new name in the region that really got me excited: Birin, a young winemaker who is creating magic in a backyard garage near the resort town of Vodice from grapes grown in his family vineyards. His 2013 Debit was clean and bright, laser-focused and crystalline with zippy citrus and crushed seashell minerals. A 2013 Maraština was lovely with pear skin, green fig and exotic fruits on a long mineral finish.

More thrillingly, the Birin 2012 Babić was electric – wild and coiled with tight red and black fruits and blazing acidity. While still very young and precocious, it was exhilarating to taste and even more inspiring to speculate about how it will develop over the next year or so. A winemaker to watch!

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