Tour highlights:
Church St Elias the Prophet
old Roman cistern
Church of St John
old Roman wells
prehistoric settlement of Arauzona

Welcome to the road that will take you through the surrounding area of Vodice, where first settlements were founded in the Prehistoric times.
Experience the spirit of history and explore the history of Vodice. One of the most beautiful paths will take you on a wonderful journey. Following this path we will see the Church of St Elias the Prophet, an old Roman cistern, the Church of St John, old Roman wells and the prehistoric settlement of Arauzona.
We will begin our journey from the centre of Vodice. An easy ride along the macadam roads surrounded by meticulously built dry stone walls will take us to our first stop, the Church of St Elias the Prophet.
After a short break, we will continue along the path to the unique Old Roman cistern. At the foot of the hill where Arauzona was founded, a natural spring-water intake, coved in the Roman times, still exists. The locals call it “Ograđenica”. It used to supply water to the people. The cattle used to drink from puddles in the fields north of the settlement.

An easy ride through green oases will take us to our next stop, the Church of St John.
After the tour, we will ride through the fields of Vodice surrounded by dry stone walls, olive groves and vineyards. Riding along asphalt roads and macadam roads, we will move towards the hill of Okit to see a church.
We will follow the road back to the centre of Vodice, where our adventure ends.

Important information:
Location: Vodice
Starting/ending point: Vodice
Route length: 22-25 km
Difficulty: easy
Estimated time: 2h15min – 2h45min

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