Tour hightlights:
National park Krka
Krka channel

wine tasting

Raise the bar and clench your teeth, because we are taking you on a unique journey through Dalmatian karst and wild nature to the one of the most beautiful national parks in this part of Europe, the Krka National Park.

Krka is the seventh national park in Croatia. It is known for its numerous lakes and waterfalls. It was named after the river Krka, which is also a part of the park. The national park is situated in central Dalmatia, downstream of Miljevci and only several kilometres southeast from Šibenik. It is comprised of the area along the river Krka, whose source is at the foot of the Dinara Mountain near Knin. It flows through a 75-kilometre-long canyon, through Lake Prokljan and into the Šibenik Channel. It stretches across the area of 142 sq kilometres, 25.6 of which is the water area. Today Krka has seven waterfalls, and its beauties are a real natural karst phenomenon. It is recommended to visit it in spring or summer. Krka is then in its full splendour, and you can even refresh yourself in its clear water.
On our way to the national park, we will pass through several Dalmatian villages on the mouth of the river.
Zaton is a typical Dalmatian town, surrounded by hills, made of old and new stone houses. It was built on the very edge of a bay that bears the same name. This channel is connected to the Šibenik Channel by the brackish Lake Prokljan. The bay is surrounded by several hills: Rastovac (133 metres), Križeva glava (102 metres) and Glavica(147 metres).

We will continue to the town of Raslina.
Raslina is situated on the west coast of Lake Prokljan. It was first mentioned in 1298 when the Diocese of Šibenik was established. During the World War Two, it was burned to the ground. Today, Rastlina is a tourist destination popular for its seafood and quality wines.
The next destination is Skradin. We will reach Skradin following the macadam roads and white trails through the beautiful Dalmatian karst.
The town of Skradin, situated approx. 15 km from Šibenik, is one of the oldest Croatian towns.
Its history dates from the Illyrian era, but it was named only when this area fell under the Roman rule. On the remains of the Illyrian settlement, a town of Scardona was founded, an important junction, a commercial and administrative centre.
The Roman Scardona was completely destroyed and abandoned. The settlement was rebuilt after the arrival of Croats, and in the 10th century, it was mentioned by its current name. Since it is situated in the close vicinity of the Krka National Park, it is one of the most important Adriatic nautical tourist destinations.

After the tour of the Krka National Park, we will follow the Krka channel and return via Zaton to Vodice.

Important information:
Location: Vodice
Starting/ending point: Vodice
Route length: 45-50 kilometres
Difficulty: difficult
Estimated time: 3h30min – 4 hours

Return with the boat through Krka channel to Vodice

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