Tour highlights:
Lake Vrana
old town Vrana
panoramic view

wine tasting

Join us on a real adventure, and visit the nature park Lake Vrana.
The route we will follow will take you on a beautiful journey through nature. The trails and single tracks we will ride along will show you the real splendour of the Dalmatian karst.
Our adventure starts at the foot of the hill called Okit in Vodice. During the entire tour, we will ride the macadam roads, which often remind us of places that were secretly conquered by nature and left to decay. People started to forget these modern ruins. Untouched in centuries, they are getting more attractive and magical, and draw more and more urban explorers. Some settlements have managed to survive thanks to the effort and persistence of their inhabitants.
The first village on our path is Dubrava kod Tisnog.

After a short break, our adventure will take us to the hamlet of Kašić, situated halfway to Lake Vrana.
Before we descend to the lake, we will witness a spectacular view of the beautiful lake, the sea and the Kornati archipelago.
The nature park Lake Vrana is one of the eleven nature parks in Croatia. This lake is actually a karst field filled with water, and it is a rare example of a cryptodepression. It is also the largest natural lake in Croatia. More than 235 different bird species have found their home here.
The surface is situated 2 meters above sea level, while the bottom is 4 meters below sea level. Many cultural and historic remains are found in the park. One of the oldest historical structures near the lake is the Late Antique fortress Osridak built in the 4th century.
The largest religious structure is Stari Grad Vrana built in the 9th century. It used to be a Benedictine monastery, and a military fortress under the Ottoman rule.

Important information:
Location: Vodice
Starting/ending point: Vodice
Route length: 45-50 km
Difficulty: medium
Estimated time: 3h30min – 4 hours

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