PRIJON kayaks

You can find us at the following locations:

Karika Vodice, Blue beach, Vodice near the hotel Punta

Our Prijon HTP touring kayaks are designed for performance. Being lightweight, requiring minimal maintenance and offering the highest durability of any kayaks made, Prijon HTP kayaks are in a class of their own. These great features are enhanced with excellent engineered outfitting. Paddlers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and therefore Prijon’s outfitting is customizable for ultimate comfort. The Trihedral hull design completes the performance package Prijon HTP touring kayaks provide. These unique features determine why savvy touring
paddlers choose Prijon HTP kayaks.

QUALITY – Our material has by far the highest strength values of all polyethylenes used in the kayak business. The equipment of our kayaks is ergonomically optimized and field testet.
ECOLOGY – Our HTP is 100% recyclable. Lifetime redemption-guarantee for all hulls in Germany and Austria.
SUSTAINABILITY – Our production in Germany secures jobs.
INNOVATION – Together with our experienced team we develop up-to-date kayaks. New products are intensively tested before they go into production. At Prijon the boss himself is testing.

Rent a kayak

1 hour – single kayak 10E; double kayak 15E 
1/2 day  (till 4 hours)- single kayak 20E; double kayak 30E
1 day- single kayak 30E; double kayak 40E

Available kayaks:
Prijon SEAYAK 500 LV
Prijon SEAYAK 520 HV
Prijon CRUISER 430

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