Ivan Cukrov

I was born in Šibenik in 1982. Until I went to college I lived and developed the spirit of adventure in my hometown Vodice. Studying, college and work took me to the capital city of Croatia; Zagreb, where I dealt with sports activities  on the daily basis. Basketball was my first sport in wich I went to competitions, and in wich I’m still active , performing mainly for Croatian 2nd league. The hunger for adventure and adrenaline, 10 years ago, brought me into world of mountain biking. From that time until today I drove more than 50 races around the Croatia as a recreational competitor and also under the Croatian cycling federation. In addition to basketball and mountain biking, great love of mine is hiking and discovering new things and cultures. Adventurous spirit led me to various places across the  Croatia over the islands and inland to the mountain tops. Also there is a list of places outside the Croatian borders where I collected knowledge about the people, culture, landscapes.. ( Italy, England, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Peru, Bolivia , … ). Taught by this experiences, my wish is to show you int he best possible way beauties of my region and give you my knowledge and also through this tours meet You and be part and hear part of Your story.


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