Šibenik walking historical tour

This walk begins in the very center of Sibenik near with Monument of Kresimir IV and finishing at the St James Cathedral (see the map).

Start times at 10 am or 2 pm. During the summer months afternoon tour starts at 5 pm, to avoid the summer heat. You also can request the time which suit to you. Please be sure to contact us prior to a tour using the contact form!

How long?
Usually this tour lasts 2,5 – 3 hours during which you’ll see everything there is to see. It can be prolonged though, depending on the amount of questions you want to ask! 🙂

How much?
our cost 20 Euro per person (150 Kuna) for more than 2 person in a group. 25 Euro (185 Kuna) per person if just two of you in a group. Children under 7 years old is free of charge. Children and teenagers from 7-18 years old – 50%.

I am delighted that you are planning a trip or day-out in Sibenik! The city that stole my heart and will probably steal yours too. So be warned. 😉
A few things you will very possible discover along the way ( and in no particular order) include a Sibenik patron saint, first canonized Croatian man, theater where doctor Kovach (from ER) started his career, noblemen, first city title, second city title, four fortresses, two sieges, the German name of one fortress, medieval «oil», the Orthodox church that was a catholic monastery that was a Templar knights house, church that are the wrong way round, the first mechanical public clock which was taken from Ottomans, fire, Venetians, a really old church, probably more fire, three year siege, wars ( mainly with the Ottomans (present Turks)), plague ( not first hand hopefully), a small cemetery, perhaps an original funeral if you are lucky, bombed churches, a local oligarch who turned his house into monastery, bricking up corners on the streets, fortress with two names, war with Venetians, destruction, more war ( mainly with the Yugoslav army), medieval toilet and air condition, Cathedral with tolling of bells from Vatican,Games of Thrones, sale of Dalmatia, Croatian Leonardo da Vinci, damaged noses,the medieval channel guardian, bricks from Venice, form of punishment and quite a lot more.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”- Ibn Battuta

You can call/text me on +385 91 754 4087 or e-mail to sibeniktour@gmail.com

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